Listings of (mostly) out-of-print and

 antiquarian publications for sale


from major private library.

Morten Eske Mortensen, Drejøgade 26 F 501, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

 -- email: -- Postal giro account BG Bank: (1199)- 7 34 49 29 SWIFT CODE: DABADKKK.



CONDITIONS 2001: All titles are generally used - a few are as new, though. All titles are in paper wrappers unless otherwise stated. Some titles represent either an offprint or a non-numismatic publication including 1 num. article only (e.g. historical magazines or yearbooks from historic societies). Photos used are in most cases NOT of the exact same specimen as offered for sale. (VAT) Value Added Tax 0 % (zero) for export is included. Cost for freight and bankcharges is extra. No dealer discounts. Rebate have in advance been deducted from all prices quoted on this website. Books ordered are to be mailed after receipt of payment = that is: payment upfront. Books are not sold on approval neither are they sold on a lending basis. Books are sold as final deal only. Complaints after 7 days of receipt of goods cannot be accepted. Returns which are not prior agreed on cannot be accepted. All freight costs are to be borne by the buyer. Titles do not pass untill paid for in full. All prices are in DEM ! (DEM=DM=Deutsche Mark=German Marks). 1 DEM = 0,51 EURO = 3,80 DKK.    1 EURO = 1,95 DEM = DKK 7,41 (appr.). IMPORTANT: the seller reserves the right for later price adjustments and price increases - ask first for current price (as well as availability).

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