Numismatic books are life threatening - the center book room of MEM ca. 20:00 Friday evening 08.03.2013


A complete 4 meter long and 2,2 meter high wall of book-shelves collapsed down upon the working place desk of MEM's. Chocking pictures. The good news is: MEM survived the avalanche, since he just had gone to the bathroom 1 minute before the wall came tumbling down.

























Below are 4 pictures shot from below the working desk. This is the exact place where the person sitting at the desk would have been crushed underneath the shelves. The heavy IBM Executive typewriter has landed at the seat of the chair, where the person would have been seated.












Re-organising and cleaning up began 1 week after the disaster struck


























After re-organising.







When the books had been re-shelved during the month of April 2013 MEM then through the following 9 months April-Dec. 2013 authored a complete register of all the books in the numismatic book collection. Just as a tiny memory of all the fun had with the friendly books ... J






21.000 (version 3.0) + 6.000 + 1.000 titles registered including MEM-reference-numbers freely to be quoted by market-participants, ca. 1.400 + 530 A4-pages, spiral bound, weight 3,9 kilogram. (expected printing run: 15 licenses sold per 01.05.2014).

Economic support paid from foundations: DKK 0 / USD 0 (zero). The publishing project is instead financed e.g. by the buyers of the personal user-licenses. Production costs: e.g. ca. 2.500 working hours (version 1.0). (15x166 hours=2.500 hours)





Look up for yourself what the market pays for your coins !

Printed extracts in book form from huge searchable and indexed data banks of auction results worldwide.

(Coin Archives / ACsearch, NumisBids, Sixbid etcetera are not indexed)



The 3 vols. have been published in July 2018. Contact the editor for ordering details at mem@image.dk.  


The brand new 2018-edition of the “Database of auction prices of Roman coins 2017/2018” formerly “Roman Coin Price Yearbook” went to the printers in July 2018.

The Roman database comes in 3 handy paper printed volumes. Due to piracy electronic data files will not be supplied.


A special web page for the project has been created with many demo pages at this link http://numisbooks.dk/info/demodatabankROMANcatlist.htm


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